Punjabi Dishes To Treat Yourself With A Hearty Meal This Winter


Famous Punjabi dishes includes Makke ki Roti, Sarson ka Saag, Chole-Bhature, Butter Chicken, etc to name a few. Here are the best dishes to try out for winter

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Punjabis are known for their hearty meals and rich ingredient dishes which ooze of high flavours and mouth-watering dishes. Their cuisine includes various types of kulchas as the Punjab region uses wheat more than the rice so you can easily find numerous types of stuffed parathas and likewise items. Punjabi cuisine is famous for its wonderful variation of exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items like Butter chicken, Chole Bhature, Dal Makhani, Sarson ka saag etc. Take a look at some of their best dishes which are perfect for the cold winters. 

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is one of the famous Punjabi dishes consisting of thick spinach gravy (palak in Hindi) and is one of the most loved Punjabi dishes. The gravy is made by pureeing cooked spinach leaves and seasoning it with a tempering of ginger, garlic, garam masala, along with other spices. Generally, this dish is served with a dollop of ghee to help you keep warm during the winters. 

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Sarson da Saag for lunch or dinner

Winter is incomplete without Punjab's authentic Sarson ka saag along with Makke di roti. Sarso (mustard) ka saag is made using spinach leaves along with the mustard and bathua leaves (It is called bathua in Hindi and Chenopodium album as the scientific name for it). Sarson da Saag is usually paired with Makki di Roti, which is made with cornflour. For this dish, the greens are cooked and pureed and then tempered using mustard seeds, dry red chilly, and cumin seeds, then add the sliced onions, salt and chopped garlic cloves in it. Garnish the Sarson da saag with dollops of ghee. 

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Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is prepared using a combination of whole urad dal, kidney beans, and the fresh cream. This Punjabi dish is usually served with rice and is eaten as a main course. Filled with nutrients and packed with amazing taste, Dal Makhani is definitely a must-have Punjabi food for the winters. 

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Amritsari Kulcha recipe

Kulcha is a popular Punjabi food that could be made within 20-25 minutes and is a perfect dish to eat at all occasions be it dinner parties, potlucks or just a special weekend dinner. The dough is made using all-purpose flour with seasonings and is rolled like a stuffed paratha with various types of stuffing inside the kulchas. The Kulchas are cooked on Tawa (pan) by using oil or ghee and served usually alongside chole curry or just plain curd for a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. The varieties of kulchas available include onion kulcha, Nutri kulcha along with the new varieties like pizza kulcha and mushroom kulcha

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