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South Indian Restaurants In Mumbai That You Must Check Out

There are various South Indian restaurants in Mumbai. Read on to know more about some of the best South Indian restaurants in Mumbai known for coffee and idlis.

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South Indian food is often the best option for a person who wants to consume a light yet tasty meal. The crispy dosas, soft idlis, and delicious chutneys and sambar all together make it a wholesome meal. With chefs coming from all over, it is easy to find authentic cuisine of one region in a completely different location these days.

When it comes to south Indian food, the city of Mumbai has some great options. This city is famous for its diverse cultures, the film city, and various cuisine varieties. Whenever you are in Mumbai, here is a list of places one must definitely try out. Listed below are the best south Indian restaurants in Mumbai:

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Best south Indian restaurants in Mumbai

1) Ram Ashraya

This food place in Mumbai is considered to be one of the best south Indian restaurants in Mumbai. It opens as early as 5 am and it is quite a surprise that people come here and stand in the queue since then. The place is extremely famous for its quick service, soft idlis, and crispy dosas.

The restaurant has also received great recognition in the form of many awards as well. Famous celebrities to normal consumers, everyone in Mumbai loves to savor great south Indian food at this place.


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2) Udipi Restaurant

This is another restaurant known for serving some great south Indian food. It is one of the most popular south Indian restaurant chains in the city. They have several outlets and are known for their delicious sambar and filter coffee. The decor of the place is good enough and the service is extremely fast. 


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3) Cafe Madras

This is another great place that gives competition to other South Indian restaurants in Mumbai. It is also one of the best south Indian restaurants. The decor is pleasant and the restaurant has received some great awards. The food is delicious and they are known for their Rava dosas. The place started years ago and is so famous that there is awaiting at almost all times of the day.

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