Vada Pav Story: How Did This Tasty Snack Come Into Being?


Vada pav is Mumbai's one of the most loved dishes. This ball of happiness stuffed in pav is a saviour for every kind of people including school kids. Read more:

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vada pav

How do you start your day? The struggle of rushing through chores as dawn breaks is tiring. But time stands still as you witness mashed spiced potatoes, roughly round in shape coming fresh out of the oil in front of you. You got it right, we are talking about Vada Pav here. This crispy ball with tangy-spicy chutney is stuffed in bread (pav) to get your tummy satiated. 

Vada belongs to Pav

Vada Pav is synonymous the City of Dreams, Mumbai. From college students, corporate workers to Bollywood stars, all kind of people openly declare their love for this all-time-snack. The city that never sleeps kick-starts their mornings with this delish on-the-go munch.

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How does it taste?

As you sink your teeth into the cushion soft Pav, its bland taste complements perfectly with the crispy Batata Vada. Initially, it hits the taste palate with spices fiercely spreading to your tongue. But after several bites, this tanginess becomes natural. Is not it mind-bashing, how two simple ingredients can make something so delicious?

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Who invented it?

This pocket-friendly snack is available at every gully- nukkad in Mumbai. As reported by several food bloggers and media websites that cater to food and hospitality, Vada Pav is said to be originated in 1966 by a street vendor. Ashok Vaidya inserted the first Vada Pav stall opposite mayhem of Dadar railway station. The commuters used to satisfy their hunger with this quick and cheap snack on their way to work. Vaidya’s brilliant idea made him an icon. This iconic street food was elevated to Mumbai’s khaugalis like a forest fire. Moreover, a journalist created a documentary on him, Vada Pav Inc.

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Strong political background?

With the rapidly increasing popularity of Vada Pav, Shiv Sena, Maharashtra’s political party, made this snack it's own. Shiv Sena’s promotions led to the increase in acceptance of various south Indian delicacies including Dosa and Idli. This movement was for Mumbaikars to value vada pav and call it their own. Well, this purpose has been fulfilled.

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