Acne Problems: 5 Top And Trusted Remedies For Oily, Acne-Prone Skin


Acne is a well-known problem for oily skin in India's climate. Wondering how get rid of those pimples? Here's a simple 5 point hack that will solve your problem

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The Monsoon is great for the environment, with all the moisture seeping into the earth after a scorching summer. However, what's a good season for planet eart may be a bummer for one's skin. With the arrival of monsoon, the humidity levels are higher in the air which may cause some serious problems for Indian skin. The higher humidity levels result in the skin experiencing clogged pores, frequent breakouts, and unwanted acne. Coping with acne and oil-prone skin is a problem in Indian climate but is something one can work around with a few simple lifestyle changes.  Acne remedies and treating the recurring problems of pimples are not unidimensional as they require a change in lifestyle both externally as well as internally. Remember, your skin is only as good as you feel. 

To help you cope with acne and oily skin, we list five acne remedies which will reduce those scars and pimples

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1. Wash your face regularly

This is something we are told to do every day, from doctors to mothers, but some rarely end up doing it. Washing your face and skin regularly is beneficial for your skin as it removes the excess oil and external impurities on your skin. It is the excess oil that then leads to pimples and acne scars. You can wash your face with the help of warm water and a gentle soap and if you have super-sensitive skin then plain water is your purest acne remedy. Some dermatologists will prescribe medicinal face wash from a reputed brand, while others will recommend a paraben-free facewash for sensitive skin. Like any medicinal remedy, consistent usage will help you achieve fresh and healthy skin season after season. 

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2. Pat your face dry 

Once you are done with washing your face, don't leave it to dry by itself. Use a soft towel to dab your skin dry. This towel should be used gently and must be free of any impurities or germs. Avoid re-using towels that you are using to dab your face so that no impurities from the towel re-enter your washed skin. Even when you are in a hurry, do not scrub your skin with your dry towel, it can lead to further acne scars and deepening of the problem, as per experts. 

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3. Use a moisturizer

Using sunscreens and moisturizers are synonymous to the most well-known acne remedies. Moisturizers are one of the most used skin-care products around the world because they shield your skin from external impurities and harsh sunlight. While these creams are mandated as part of acne remedies, some people are hesitant in using moisturizers. This is due to the fear that their skin will look greasy due to the amount of oil or sebum already on their skin. Using oil-free moisturizers or water-based toners to deal with acne can be an effective option here. One key ingredient that is beneficial for your skin is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has compounds that have a naturally soothing impact on the skin and can act as a natural skin-care product. 

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4. Face mask

Treat your skin from time to time to ensure that your acne treatment is holistic. Face masks are widely popular for this and are often the go-to skin-care treatment for long-time acne treatment. Face masks help you treat your acne and oily pores with utmost care, but choosing a good face mask is crucial. Some ingredients present in face masks are clay, honey, oatmeal, aloe vera, and fruits. While some depend on home-care face masks which include your everyday seasonal fruits, turmeric and yogurt, the newest fad seems to be the usage of clay. Clay is cited to be an extremely healthy ingredient because it helps you achieve a fresh and healthy skin without relying on artificial ingredients. Many off-the-shelf face masks have started using clay for the same purpose. 

5. Follow a balanced diet and get enough sleep 

No acne remedy is possibly without cleansing your system from within. While we waste no time snacking on the latest junk food or oily chips packet, they have a detrimental impact on our skin. Our food and diet options impact every aspect of our health, and most importantly the skin. Foods rich in sugar, fats and unhealthy oils have a negative impact on your skin and you have to give them up for clearer skin. Hence, it is better to have a healthy and balanced diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and proteins for happier skin. In addition, studies have shown that low-stress environments and adequate sleep patterns also help a healthy skin. 

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