Buttermilk: The Most Natural Health Drink For Effective Skincare


Buttermilk is high in proteins and vitamines. It is also rich in lactic acid and is pro-biotic. Buttermilk is the perfect remedy for all your skin problems.

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Heat can lead to common health threats like dehydration, heat rashes, cramps, oedema, tetany, syncope, exhaustion and sunstrokes. If not dealt with immediately, these common health problems can lead to more serious ones. Hence it becomes indispensable for one to intake food items and beverages that shall help you overcome the severity of the heat waves. Buttermilk is believed to be one such beverage that instantly cools the human body down and provides many other additional benefits.

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The traditional Asian drink is made by churning the whole milk into butter. It is lower in fat than the regular milk that is consumed. One can drink the beverage directly or also add Buttermilk in numerous dishes. It also pairs well with non-vegetarian cuisine. It is believed that good skin is one of the benefits of buttermilk if consumed daily since the drink is rich in its vitamin and mineral composition.

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Chaas (buttermilk in Hindi) is considered to be high in acidic property and is astringent in nature. Due to this composition of the beverage, the drink is traditionally believed by Indians to provide one with a lustrous glow. Buttermilk is a must post-lunch beverage across India. Buttermilk is reportedly rich in lactic acid and is also pro-biotic. The good old drink can do wonders to your skin, you can get rid of your dead cells by drinking buttermilk every day. This makes the simple recipe highly effective. You may notice your skin getting better over time.

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Due to the reduction of dead cells in the skin, you may have a brighter skin tone and a pinker healthy skin naturally. If these traditional beliefs are anything to go by, Buttermilk also provides a soft texture to your skin without steroids and chemicals. Needless to say, Buttermilk can be the most natural and cost-effective drink for better, healthier skin. It is likely to have no side effects whatsoever and is highly recommended by dermatologists and skin specialists for clearer skin. Enjoy the delicious, healthy drink daily and make it a part of your daily skincare routine.

By 2030, 40% Indians will not have access to drinking water