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Facial Yoga Exercises To Reduce Lip Size And Lift Cheeks To Look Younger; Check It Out

Facial yoga exercise is important if you want healthy, younger-looking skin. Here are some of the facial yoga exercises to reduce lip size and lift cheeks.

facial yoga exercises

A well- rounded fitness routine is an important component of living a healthy lifestyle. But often people do not work out every muscle in the body. As per reports, there are more than 50 muscles in one's face and neck that require exercise to maintain healthy, younger-looking skin. Take a look at some of the facial yoga exercises that can help you reduce lip size and lift cheeks.

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Facial Yoga exercises to reduce lip size and lift cheeks

Facial yoga for cheeks

1. This facial yoga exercise will help you to treat fat cheeks and to get perfect and defined cheekbones. For achieving that, you need to follow these simple steps: You need to place your fingers over your cheekbones and gently lift the skin. Open your mouth as wide as possible and you might feel the resistance in your cheek muscles. Do 10 sets of the same.

2. This facial yoga exercise takes your facial yoga routine to another level. You need to look up and push your chin forward. After that squeeze your cheeks in as much as possible. Do 15 sets of the same.

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Facial yoga to reduce lip size

1. For this exercise, you need to smile without showing your teeth. Smile with your lips closed as wide as you can. Do 10 sets of the same. This exercise will help you get rid of excess fat in your lips. 

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2. For this facial yoga, you need to close your lips and make a kissing gesture. Furthermore, extend your lips as much as possible. Hold on to the position for about 15 seconds. Do 5 sets of the same.

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