Here Are Various Remedies To Treat Sunburn At Home


Sunburns are uninvited guests that are the results of a good sunny day; here are multiple home remedies that can help to cure or manage sunburns at home

Written By Shrishaila Bhandary | Mumbai | Updated On:

Unprecedented sunburn can worry you for a long period. If you want to avoid chemicals and naturally heal the affected area, then some natural methods can come in handy. Here are some quick and easy solutions to treat sunburn at home.

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Ice pack

The quickest and best way to solve a sunburn is the immediate application of ice-pack on the affected area. According to reports from Explore, ice covered in a towel or cloth can be applied on the area. Direct application of ice is not suggested as it is harmful to the burnt area.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be a good solution as a home remedy to sunburn. According to reports from, aloe vera can heal burns with its cooling gel. Recent study by PubMed Health research database, suggest that the compound Aloin in the plant has a high level of anti-inflammatory properties. Scoop out the clear gel out of the skin and apply directly to the affected area. Leave it out for seven to eight minutes for the cooling effects.

Coriander Oil

Rubbing coriander oil against the affected area will give soothing effects to sunburn. According to reports, the essential oil in the coriander acts as a coolant to the affected area. For best results, one has to rub it daily on the area. 

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Green Tea

The anti-oxidants in green tea affect as a healing medium to the sunburns. Researches suggest that green tea does not block the sun rays but it fights the ultraviolet rays that penetrate the skin harming the cells. For optimum effects, one has to drink it daily and also apply to the affected area by grinding it and making a paste.

Plain Yoghurt

According to reports from Readers Digest, commonly available yoghurt contains anti-inflammable properties. Naturally, yoghurt is a coolant which will reduce the pain and burns. Reports suggest that yoghurt contains enzymes and probiotics. For best results, one can apply a cup of simple yoghurt on the affected area. Leave it for five minutes. Once it warms, the rest can be washed out.

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