Keratin Treatment: Know The Pros & Cons Of This Hair Treatment


Keratin treatments make the hair look shiny and smooth. Here are some of its pros and con that are a must-read before you decide to go ahead with it.

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Keratin treatment

What is Keratin Treatment?

According to research, keratin is a hair protein present in your hair naturally. The keratin component in your hair makes it shiny and smooth. Your hair may start depleting becomes dull, damaged and dry if the protein becomes lesser. There are many treatments available in the market today that can restore the keratin protein in your hair. These include artificial keratin and they add shine and vitality to your hair. 

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People opt for keratin treatment just to get their hair frizz-free, silky, smooth and straight. According to Sheenon Olson, a celebrity hairstylist and creative director for Atma Beauty, to achieve a proper hair’s texture, a powerful chemical is needed to create those cross-links. People get this treatment to nourish their hair. This treatment has many benefits which have been listed below. 

  • Keratin treatment is suitable for people with all hair types whether curly, colour-treated, wavy or artificially straightened.
  • Keratin does not cause permanent damage to your hair. It is a safe procedure and your hair may also revert to its original state after around two months. Aftercare regimen is necessary for your hair after this treatment.
  • The treatment ensures that you don't take time and much effort to style your hair and you don't need to heat it either. It also allows your hair to be less prone to chemical damage.
  • You can get straighter, smoother and a better-looking crown after the keratin treatment. The treatment keeps your hair proper up to three months, after which your hair reverts to its original state.
  • Hair which is treated with keratin does not need so many after-care products and procedures to maintain it. Sulphate free hair products should be used to make the look last longer.

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One of the biggest drawbacks of a keratin treatment is the presence of formaldehyde in the products used. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of America and the National Cancer Institute, it has been researched that formaldehyde contains synthetic fabrics that damage your hair. The result of the keratin treatment may differ from person to person. As there are pros to this treatment. it also has some cons or side effects to your hair. This is an artificial treatment for your hair which can damage it after a certain period. Hence here are some of the cons of a keratin treatment -

  • The chemicals used in the keratin treatment can cause skin irritation and watery eyes
  • In a rare case, it could also cause allergic reactions like a rash or itching.
  • The treatment can be costly.
  • Pregnant women should avoid keratin treatment as it can harm their health.
  • Keratin treatment should be done only under a trained hairstylist to avoid any unfavourable results in the long run.

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