Meat Eaters Do Not Suffer From Strong Hangovers As Compared To Vegans & Vegetarians: Study


A recent study from the Journal of Clinic Medicine showed that meat-eaters do not suffer from strong hangovers as compared to vegan or vegetarians

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All alcohol drinkers know that if you have one drink too much, then you are going to wake up with a hangover the next day. But a recent study suggests that vegetarians are more prone to hangovers as compared to their meat-eating counterparts. It was reported by a leading media portal that the study was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. The study was conducted on 13 social drinkers by the researchers of Utrecht University.

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Vegans and vegetarians diets are more prone to hangover then meat-eating diets

The participants of the study were analysed for 23 hangover-related symptoms. They were tested on the bases of controlled drinking settings, to a point where they did not want to drink any more on a given night. They were sent drinking each night and were observed on these key areas, headache, palpitations, nausea, sweating, dizziness, thirst, and sensitivity towards light and sound.

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The participants were also instructed to record all the food they had while going through the study. Each food was analysed based on nutrients it gave to the human body, and from the study, it was determined that the ones who had a low amount of Zinc and Vitamin B3 were the doing the worst on the test parameters. Zinc deficiency makes the user vomit and low vitamin B3 leads to the strengthening of hangover symptoms.

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It was noted in the study that both the chemicals are found in animal products so it was concluded that vegans and vegetarians who are low on zinc and vitamin B3 are more vulnerable to bad hangovers. In the study, it was also written that these two nutrients are required to digest alcohol. If you have a very strong hangover, the natural conclusion is thus that your body is running low on the chemical.

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