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Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Reveals 3 Easy Stretches That Can Be Done On The Bed

Celebrated author and nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to her social media to share three simple stretches that can be done on the bed without any equipment

Rujuta Diwekar

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, a lot of food and fitness influencers have been sharing tips to stay fit during the quarantine. Joining in with them is celebrated nutritionist and author Rujuta Diwekar. She has also regularly been offering advice and tips for managing a healthy mind and body amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

She took to her social media and shared three simple exercises that can be performed without any equipment. Rujuta Diwekar revealed in her caption that the best time to perform these exercises is right after one wakes up and right before one goes to sleep. The nutritionist also revealed that these exercises were very helpful for those with varicose veins and helps get rid of body ache and fatigue. 

Rujuta Diwekar's 3 easy stretches on the bed

Exercise 1

  1. Lie down on your back with the support of your elbows and keep your knees bent while you do so. 
  2. Once you lie down on your back, lift up one of your legs and bring the knee closer to your chest. 
  3. Make sure you don't lift up your shoulder when doing so. Keep in mind that the shoulders have to stay flat on the bed. 
  4. Hold the position for 5 seconds and gradually put down the leg. 
  5. Switch the leg and repeat. 
  6. Keep in mind that when you lift one leg, the other one has to stay straight on the ground and should not be moved. 
  7. When done, instead of gradually putting down the leg, bring the other leg back up. 
  8. Hold the same position for 5 seconds and gradually bring down the legs. 
  9. If possible for you, hold your thumb toes and bend the knees outwards with support from your elbows. (Do not try it if the stretching seems difficult or very painful)
  10. Hold the position for 5 seconds and gradually release. 

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Exercise 2

  1. Lie down with your knees bent and lay your arms flat on the sides. 
  2. Gradually turn both your legs to one side. 
  3. Make sure you don't lift your shoulders when doing so. 
  4. Hold for 5 seconds. 
  5. Gradually turn them back to the original position and repeat with the other side. 
  6. If you feel that your shoulders are being lifted while doing the exercise, take a pillow and place it near your legs and perform the exercise with the support of the pillow. 

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Exercise 3

  1. Lie down with your knees bent and let your arms rest on the side. 
  2. Take your right leg and put the ankle on the left knee. 
  3. Ensuring a straight position, hold the pose for 5 seconds.
  4. Take your right hand and push the right knee a little backward. 
  5. Hold the position for 5 seconds and release.  
  6. Switch the legs and repeat the same process. 

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