Swimming Workout To Try For Overall Fitness - 3 Best Swimming Strokes To Try


Swimming is one of the best exercises for overall fitness. Here are a few swimming workouts to try for everyday routine. Check out 3 different strokes here

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Swimming is one of the best full-body exercises. It provides something no other exercise does. Every jump and arm movement becomes a resistance exercise, which is the best way to increase overall fitness, strength, mobility and muscular capacity, allowing you to re-sculpt your body. Here are a few swimming workouts to try:

Swimming workouts for overall fitness

Breaststroke and butterfly drill

Full-body movements such as butterfly and breaststroke require the core muscles and increase strength and speed. According to Men’s Journal, for every three leg kicks, breaststroke swimmers will take one hand. For every three dolphin kicks, butterfly swimmers should use one arm pull." Focus on tightening your core muscles and using them to help get your arms out of the water. Professional swimmers with 15-second rest periods between each can perform 10-25 meter swimming.

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Water running

This workout, also known as aqua jogging, includes the high-intensity aerobic component of running without suffering the hard surface effect of kicking. The water should be just around your shoulders, and you can use hand paddles to touch your triceps and biceps if you want to hit your sides, according to Men’s Journal. Essentially, you run through the water just as you would outdoors. Your back is supposed to be straight; your legs are supposed to be bent at the wrist, and your palms swell when you push them through the mud. Push as hard as possible. Perform 3 running periods of 5 minutes.

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Legs and core toners

Lean against the side of the pool with your back, with your arms stretched horizontally supporting either side of the edge of the pool. Then raise your legs up to the surface, keeping them together until they are stretched out straight in front of you. Then move your legs to a V-position and then back together. Hold them together and go back to the starting position. Hold your movements under control, work your abs and glutes to complete each move. For 3 sets of 20 reps, continue to pull them up, down, in and down.

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