Ancient Chewing Gum Helps Scientists Rebuild Consumer's Look; Twitter Feels She Was Indian


Ancient chewing gum helped the researchers to recreate the look of the consumers while Twitterati reacted to the image, calling the consumer Indian. Read Below

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ancient chewing gum

The Univerity of Copenhagen's researchers in Denmark successfully extracted a complete human genome from a 5,700-year-old type of chewing gum which allowed them to recreate an image of its user and to find clues of her dietary habits. On the basis of their research, the researchers concluded that the chewing gum was made from birch pitch and was chewed by a woman.

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The information revealed by the researchers was only she probably had dark skin, dark hair and blue eyes and following the artistic reconstruction of her image, she has been named Lola. As soon as the image was tweeted by a news channel, Twitterati was quick to give their opinion about the image. Multiple people drew comparisons of the girl in the image calling her an Indian girl. Not just her nationality but multiple people also started speculating her religion wherein some called her a South Indian while some called her Punjabi. 

Apart from this, there were also a few who felt that the girl in the image looked like the singing sensation Ranu Mondal who recently went viral and also was signed by Himesh Reshammiya for her upcoming film's compositions. A lot of people also did not hold back from passing derogatory remarks on the girl's appearance. Check out the tweets here.

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Check out Twitterati's reaction to the image below:


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