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What Is World Haemophilia Day? Learn About Its Significance And Theme For This Year Here

World Haemophilia Day is celebrated to increase awareness about haemophilia & other blood disorders. Learn about World Haemophilia Day & its significance.

what is world haemophilia day

World Haemophilia Day is widely recognized around the world with an effort to increase awareness among the people about Haemophilia and other inherited blood disorders. Haemophilia is a hereditary blood disorder in which the ability of blood to clot is affected. As a result, even a slight cut to the patient can lead to severe blood loss and prove life-threatening. 

What is Haemophilia disease?

According to medical experts, Haemophilia is mostly an inherited bleeding disorder, in this disease the blood does not clot properly in the body. And this disorder can lead to immediate bleeding as well as bleeding following injuries or surgery. People who suffer from haemophilia have low levels of either factor VIII (8) or factor IX (9). 

World Haemophilia Day is marked on April 17 every year. This is a serious effort as with increased awareness comes better diagnosis, judgment, and access to care for the millions who stay without treatment. It is a very significant day for the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH) and the bleeding disorders community.

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The WFH wants the masses to be aware and ensure that everyone celebrates the big day in a way that is sensitive to the risks of the current global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On April 17, 2020, is the 30th anniversary of World Haemophilia Day. The durability of this celebration is proof of the dedication and committed nature of our community.

What is the theme for World Haemophilia Day?

The theme of World Haemophilia Day 2020 is to “Get+involved”. They say whoever you are, a patient, a family member or caregiver, a corporate partner, a volunteer, or a healthcare provider, WFH wants to encourage and cheer yourself to help increase the awareness of these inherited bleeding disorders. And also let people know about the need to make access to adequate care possible everywhere in the world. They say that World Hemophilia Day 2020 is all about "Celebrate with the community virtually!"

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Celebrating the World Haemophilia Day with friends and family has all the time been a big part of this day. But this year, World Hemophilia Day 2020 is all about staying home and using your internet-connected device to Get+involved:

  • Write about your story on
  • Post about your experiences on social media
  • Share World Haemophilia Day posters and other materials with your community

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This ground-breaking day also supports to demonstrate the importance the WFH has developed to support the bleeding disorders community. The WFH Humanitarian Aid Program offers a range of incorporated care development training programs to ensure the local infrastructure and medical expertise are available to optimize and appropriately use donated products. The Global Alliance for Progress (GAP) Program was established to greatly raise the diagnosis and treatment of people with bleeding disorders by finishing the gap in the treatment of people with bleeding disorders by concluding the gap in treatment between developed and developing countries.

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