Will COVID 19 Go Away With Warmer Weather? Here Are Some Myths That Are Busted By WHO


Will COVID 19 go away with warmer weather? is one of the most popular myths that was busted by the WHO. Read further to know more such myth busters.

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will covid 19 go away with warmer weather

The current outbreak of the Coronavirus or the COVID-19 has caused major unrest globally. The World Health Organization has now declared it a pandemic. The threat people currently face is lack of information as to how to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Several celebrities and prominent figures have spoken up about preventing the virus which has affected people from various walks of life. 


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Will COVID-19 go away with warmer weather?

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People often tend to pass on forwards through messages generated via unreliable sources. This wrong information may or may not prove to be harmful; however, fake news must be avoided and therefore the WHO has released a few myth busters as to the common misconceptions about the virus. The post can be found on WHO's official site as well. 


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A common misconception people have believed for a while is that heat can subdue or rather hold back the virus. The WHO claimed that this is far from the truth and as per their information, COVID-19 can be transmitted in all areas regardless of the weather. The WHO emphasised that the best way to prevent the virus so far is by washing hands as it helps to eliminate the virus almost entirely. The WHO also addressed that one needs to limit human touch as much as possible to avoid the spread of the virus. 

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Can cold weather kill the virus?

The WHO states that there is no reason to believe that cold weather or snow can kill the virus or any other disease for that matter. The WHO once again emphasises that the only way to protect oneself from the virus is to keep oneself clean and hydrated. The WHO also stated that cleaning with alcohol-based sanitizers is an effective way, along with soap and water. 

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Does taking a hot bath to prevent the virus?

According to the WHO, normal body temperature remains around 36.5°C to 37°C. Therefore, a hot bath will do nothing to prevent oneself from catching the virus. The WHO once again focuses on the washing of hands to prevent the spread of the virus. 

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