Work From Home: Stretches To Perform Between Breaks To Keep Body Pain At Bay


Work from home has become the last option for every working professional. Thus, here are 5 simple stretches that will help keep body pain at bay during work

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Work from home

The Coronavirus outbreak has majorly affected the fast-paced lifestyles of every individual, especially working professionals. Across the country, everyone has to comply with the government's order of resorting to social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Every workplace has been asked to shut down while remote working has been highly recommended. One tends to spend most of the time glued to the computer screen during the 'work from home' hours, sparing short breaks for their meals.

It often leads to body, neck or back pain. To avoid such situations, one must set a schedule for themselves and take a short break from their work to do some stretches. The below-mentioned stretches will help one keep body pain at bay.

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1) Forward hang

For everyone who suffers from back pain due to long working hours, the forward hang can be the perfect stretch to perform every day. All one needs to do is stand straight with their knees slightly bent. As one bends forward, their hands need to intertwine behind their back. One's face should be at knee level as they give their arms a good stretch.


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2) Standing side stretch

For the standing side stretch, one needs to stand straight with your feet together. Once they are in the mentioned posture, they need to raise their arms upwards and clutch their hands together. Later, stretch the entire body towards the left followed by the right direction simultaneously. 

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3) Back twists

Back twists help relieve one's muscles and also helps one losing belly fat.  For this stretch, one needs to stand straight letting their hands loose. Now twist backwards from one side and hold the position. Later, twist to both the sides simultaneously and hold that position for a while. Back twists can also help those who suffer from a stiff back.


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4) Cat pose

This stretch can also be performed while one is sitting on the bed. The Cat pose helps to ease all the muscles of the upper body and straighten one's back. Sitting in one position for long hours might stiffen one's shoulders and this stretch acts as a remedy for that problem. All one needs to do is sit with your leg folded backwards. Later one needs to extend their arms and move forward while elevating their buttocks and keeping their head upwards.

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5) Quad Stretch

The quad stretch is beneficial for the lower body as it helps prevent the numbness of the feet. For this stretch, one needs to stand straight with their feet together and slowly bend their left leg backwards. Hold it for a while and try to give it a good stretch. Repeat the same with the right leg as well.


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