Home Decor | Quick And Feasible Picture Wall DIY To Re-create Memories


Home Decor | DIY wall decor is not expensive and time-consuming. Here are the different types of DIY picture walls, that you must check out.

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When you need a change in your life, the first thing you should do is re-decorate your home. If you wish to, there are also many other options to redecorate your room with a limited budget. Decorating your home with the pictures is also a feasible option, gets you some change and also lights the house with the memory lane. We all love good wall decor, especially those involving photos. DIY wall decor doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Memories are a precious thing to preserve and picture walls allows you to tie up tighter and together with the bits and pieces of those wonderful memories. Here are some different types of DIY picture walls that are less expensive and less time-consuming. 

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Picture Wall DIY

Fairy Lights picture wall

Fair lighting decor is one of the easiest and cheapest decors. Adding pictures to that is just like the cherry on the cake. Simply clip Retro prints or square prints to the strings, add the twinkling fairy lights and have your dazzling photo wall in less than 30 minutes.

Photo Banners

If you love painting and art, Photo banners are your perfect go. You’ll need a piece of canvas paper, string, and a stick for each banner. Paint the banners, stick the photos and add handwritten notes of your choice. This photo banner will definitely make for a unique photo wall. 

Colourful Mosaic wall

Colourful Mosaic is one of the easiest DIY amongst the listings. All you need is a large chart paper, of the same or different colours. Add pictures in symmetric order transforming the mosaic wall. Create a striking mosaic photo wall by sticking your colourful square prints to a coloured paper/paperboard. 

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