Home Decor: Type Of Curtains Used To Make Your Room Look Stylish


Curtains are used to cover our windows to make your room look vibrant and give it a stylish look. Read ahead to know how to decorate your room with curtains

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Curtains are used to cover our windows to keep the room cool and if you pick a stylish curtain, it may also make your room look vibrant. While Asians call these piece of cloth as curtains, people in the west call it drapes. Pleated curtains are the most common type of curtains. Depending on the window and the room you can pick the colour and the design to put up your curtain.

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Types of curtains

Pinch Pleated curtains

Pinch pleated curtains are one of the most common types of curtains. Pinch pleated curtains are equally spaced fold and fabrics that are pinched at the top and pins are hooked to the top of each of the pleat. The cost of the curtain depends on the length of the cloth used to make your curtain. Pick colourful ones for your living room or bedroom and you can pick dull colours for your office.

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 Goblet Pleated curtains

Usually seen in traditional rooms which are built which high ceilings, example a temple or a church. The curtains pleats at the top look like a glass and goblet pleats are full and rounded.


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Pencil Pleated curtains

Pencil pleated curtains are small in size and there are thinner pleats which are found across the entire top of the panel. It is also one of the most popular styles of pleated curtains. They look better when tightened in between.

Café curtain

Café curtains small curtains which are hung halfway up the window. They are hung nearly at the top or closer to the bottom of the window.  These curtains give you privacy and can control the light of your room. They can work well in the kitchen and the bathroom.


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Window scarf curtains

These curtains are long and a continuous piece of fabric that simply hangs in front or on the side of the window. Window scarf curtains do not need hooks to attach it to the window, you can simply drape the scarf over the rod or hang it between two brackets and let it curve in the middle.

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