Home: Steps To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean, Organised And Spacious


We understand how important is this for you and hence, penned down a few simple ways by which you can clean and maintain your fridge storage space. 

Written By Vageesha Taluja | Mumbai | Updated On:

Who does not like their fridge loaded with fresh fruits and desserts? Well, this is not a piece of cake as your fridge needs to be organized and maintained for things to stay afresh in there. Here are some simple and less time-consuming tips to keep your fridge tidy and more spacious. 

1. Clean and organise the fridge to avoid a mess

The first and foremost step is to disinfect the fridge by sanitizing it. Cleaning it will reduce the chances of contamination and foodborne diseases. Start with emptying the fridge and wipe away the dirt and stains. Keep your perishable items out for a shorter duration to avoid it from getting spoiled. After putting back the things add deodorizer and prevent unpleasant smell to spread. 

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2. Separate the sections

Now your fridge is clean and shining, begin with mentally separating it into sections and store different kinds of food items in different sections. Assign upper shelves to a particular kind of stuff. One by one, go ahead with the sections which you like the most. 

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3. Put label to consume first

Grab one of the sections and put on a label of 'eat me first' on a box and place it inside. As the name clearly states, place all these foodstuffs which are near the expiration date and can be spoiled within a week or so. Make sure that you do not leave it there without keeping a check on till when will it last.

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4. Remove the expired items

At least once you must have experienced leaving a food item in the fridge and forgetting about it long past its expiration date. Well, you need to put things in a way that they are easily accessible to you whenever you need it. For instance, put snacks or condiments on the top shelf, so that you can reach it without spoiling the organized fridge. 

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