Kheer: Three Healthy Varieties Of Kheer That Are Easy To Make At Home


Kheer is a sweet dish popular among different regions of the country. Read to know more about how you can prepare kheer in just minutes with fewer ingredients.

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Kheer was reportedly discovered in the fourteenth century in Gujarat. Known by names like Payesh, Payasam, Payasa, Gil-e-Firdaus, among others, it is a popular sweet dish in India. While kheer is made of rice, milk, and sugar, there are also many healthier alternatives to the traditional kheer. Here are a few kheer recipes that avoid the use of sugar and condensed milk, which make them a healthier option while still being super tasty.  

A. Gajar Kheer 

Gajar Kheer is a creamy and delicious sweet dish made with carrots. It is a simple dish with all-natural ingredients. You just need a cup of carrot. Blend a cup of carrot and milk to puree, and cook in a pan until it turns brown. Garnish the delectable sweet dish with a handful of dry fruit and nuts.  

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B. Fox Nut Kheer 

Popularly known as Makhana in vernacular languages, fox nut is one of the healthier options. This recipe can be made during fasting time. You just need a cup of fox nuts and milk. Crush the fox nuts and add it into a pan of simmering milk. Boil it until the colour changes to yellow. Garnish the delectable sweet dish with a handful of dry fruit and nuts. 

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C. Apple Kheer

Apple kheer is a delicious recipe made of apples and milk. The presence of apple in the kheer helps one avoid the usage of sugar. Apples are rich in pectin (responsible for gel formation in jams), this alleviates the use of condenser while making the kheer. Addition of apple makes it a healthier version of kheer, and the use of fewer ingredients makes the recipe easy to prepare. 

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