Wallpaper Ideas For Living Room And How To Perfectly Place Them | Read Details


Here are some wallpaper ideas for the living room, other areas in your house and how to select them. Read details on how to ideally place them.

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wallpaper ideas for living room

Wallpapers can brighten up the house or the living area. There is a range of options to select from which are available online or even at retail stores. The best kind of wallpapers will liven up the mood, the moment you enter the room. Wallpapers can add a fun element into the common interiors.

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According to interior experts, it is important to find the right colour tones while selecting a wallpaper. Too bright or too dark colours will simply fluctuate the mood inside the house. For example, for a house with a brown interior, a light brown base or crème base wallpaper will go well. It is important to go along with a single shade of colour rather than multiple.

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Finding the perfect wall for accent wallpapers is important. For example, if you want to put up colourful wallpapers on one side of the wall, then place the light on the opposite side for shading. Further, during night hours, one statement sconce light or hanging lamps can be a perfect match. If there are warmer tones on the wallpaper, use semi-warm light source.

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It is alright if your accent wall, where you plan to put up the wallpaper is small. According to experts, it is important to match the colours that the smaller wall is brighter. On the other hand, if the wall is quite big, use designs or less bright tones. This will find the balance you need on your walls. You can always light up the smaller spaces.


According to experts, it is important to find the perfect design. For a mid-century modern home, the designs on wallpapers need to be minimalist. For a bigger, more arched interior, faded stripes and circles can go well. Further for kid’s room, select something fun. And finally for the study room, select blue, green or other cooler tones, to keep the mood fresh.

Hide flaws

Your wallpapers can be best solutions at hiding flaws. Some of these wallpapers can be used to hide architecture imperfections. Some openings or vivid marks on the walls can be hidden with the help of wallpapers.

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