Valentine's Day 2020: Know What Each Zodiac Sign Is Expecting From Their Partner


Valentine's Day 2020 has arrived and everyone is readying their surprises. To know what your partner is expecting, you can check what their zodiac sign says.

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Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine's day is nearing! With each passing day, people are busy getting their surprises ready. If you want to know what your partner expects from you, you can take help from their zodiac sign. Wondering what each zodiac sign has in their mind during Valentine's Day? Here is a list of their expectations:


An Aries always keeps craving for adventure and something new. If your partner belongs to Aries zodiac sign then they will not tell you that they are expecting something worth remembering. Prepare a good surprise that will make them feel special.


This earth sign is represented by the bull and Taureans are known for their stubborn nature. But they are very warm and loving. For people belonging to this sign, Valentine's Day is all about spending quality time with their partner and having a simple romantic time.


Gemini's are distinct. They want everything larger than life. To know what they truly want, you need to add them in your plan instead of planning surprises because they want everything to be grand.

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All Cancerians are warm-hearted people with a heightened sense of emotions. If you want to know what a Cancerian is expecting on Valentine's Day, just watch all the grand romantic movies. You can also choose to make your Valentine's Day a hit by overwhelming them with surprises or emotional and passionate efforts.


People of Leo zodiac sign love to steal the limelight. They want to be at the centre of everything. For them, Valentine's Day is all about a big celebration, a grand dinner date, and an even grander gift. They love such lavish gestures as much as they would like to do the same to their partner on Valentine's Day. Being pampered and spoilt is what they expect.


Virgos are driven by logic and would be happy believing Valentine's Day is nothing but a marketing trick. They expect their partners to be more accepting of their practical nature and to support them. If you want to enjoy a good V-day, plan a homely surprise.

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For a Libra to be impressed, a plan is supposed to be perfect. It should be a mix of all; a romantic celebration, grand gestures and an experience to remember. They are a true perfectionist and that is all they desire.


Scorpios are passionate lovers who are attracted to the same type of love. It is not easy to impress these soulful lovers. To impress the one has to show an act of deep love and passion. For them, Valentine's Day is all about love and passion. Do something passionate. They will surely appreciate your sheer hard efforts.


Sagittarius people are smart and they will spoil all your surprise plans before they come to action. Instead of trying to surprise them, spend some quality time with them. They love to have an easy-going romantic time.

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Practical and realistic, people of this zodiac sign are always driven by logic. For them, Valentine's Day is a clever marketing opportunity and they find it too cheesy to indulge in romantic surprises. They would celebrate this day only to keep their partners happy or if they could enjoy low-key romantic options.


Aquarians are known for not being able to express their emotions properly and would prefer logic to romance. For them, Valentine's Day is more of a socializing event than a celebration of love. To make them feel better, call out a grand get-together with family and friends.


Pisceans are all about giving rather than receiving anything, including love, care, etc. People of this water sign are all about dreamy romance and they perhaps spend days planning and dreaming about how to celebrate Valentine's Day. They are all about love, both giving and receiving it with a warm heart.

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