Bangkok Vacation: Here Is The List Of Best Attractions For Families


Bangkok vacation: The city in which spirituality and modernization blend well, and where food has an ultimate taste brings you best places to visit. Read more:

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bangkok vacation

Bangkok is modern at the surface with skyscrapers boasting of development and, traditional at heart with its streets dazzling with scrumptious food-loaded carts. Megamalls in the capital city mingle with 200-year-old dwellings located at an arm’s distance. As Bangkok advances towards the future, it is not surprising to witness Buddhist monks in their robes carrying the latest smartphones. There are innumerable reasons to visit this place for a relaxing family holiday, here are a few.

1.     Sealife Bangkok

One of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia offers to show you more than 30,000 marine species. Immerse in the enthralling experience of walking through the tube separating you from massive deadly sharks swaying their tale in blue waters, and never-seen exotic fishes to blow your mind. On the other hand, children would rejoice watching turtles tip-toeing and penguins bobbing on the ground. Fill with enthusiasm as you witness some of the cold-blooded rare species in the kingdom of water. 

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2.      China Town

Savour the mouthwatering delicacies of China Town. Indulge in the authentic street food with the Thai base of red-hot spicy, sweet, and sour flavours. Relish piping hot dishes from the street vendors including fried chicken, sweet potato balls, crispy pancakes and do not miss their sweet dish sticky rice with ripe mangos. Give your tongue an unforgettable taste of intense international flavours. 

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3.      Art in Paradise museum

Bangkok’s Art in Paradise, as the name says, is a great amusement destination filled with vivid colours and amazement. This museum has nothing to do with history or culture but is loaded with creativity. This brilliant perspective art gives you the best time to spend with friends or family. The artists have painted flat surface into 3D to give a realistic touch. You can click pictures along with laughing hard. 

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4.      Ice Skating

After lots of street shopping in prickling summer, you can cool down in Bangkok’s Olympic sized skating rink. It is okay if you are unsteady on skates, as you can grab fun lesson on animal-themed stabilizers. Slide on wheels in the chilled atmosphere with your loved ones. Deliberately fall with a bang to experience joyous moments. 

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