Everest Base Camp Training Routine That Every Mountaineer Should Know


Here is a list of tips for Everest base camp training that mountaineers should know about. Read on to know more about the right exercises, routine and diet.

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Planning to conquer the Everest? Training is very intense but different people have to undertake different kinds of training according to their body type. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for those undertaking the Everest Base Camp training:

Hike for Everest Base Camp training

The best way to prepare for Everest Base Camp is hiking. One can find some local trails and hike there or simply walk around their town. But getting used to long walks is a must. It is important to know where one’s body struggles and how far they can push themselves. This is also something known as Endurance building which is an important requisite of Everest Base Camp routine. One needs to build up their endurance to five to six hours with minimal rest. Practicing on a hilly or uneven terrain is a must. One should also wear a daypack and slowly increase its weight 25 pounds.

The Endurance training for Everest Base Camp should also include going for long runs, jogging at a steady pace or biking at a high speed. Exercises also help in endurance training for Everest Base Camp

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Exercises for Everest Base Camp training

Building up one’s strength is an important requisite to climb to Everest Base Camp. Improving body strength helps in navigating the uneven terrain and maintaining good posture with the daypack. Simple exercises will suffice like step-ups, lunges, single-leg skipping, single-leg squats and farmer walks. For building up endurance one can also include a few cardio exercises in their Everest Base Camp routine like burpees, sprints, stairs or kettlebell swings.

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Everest Base Camp diet

Having a proper diet while on Everest Base Camp training is very important. A proper diet is one that includes vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Water intake is also equally important. One should consume about four litres of water every day, one glass of water at one-hour interval. Those who are doing the Everest Base Camp training should also cut down on their alcohol consumption. Alcohol dehydrates the body and one should abstain from it when they are trekking not just for Everest Base Camp but for every trek.

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