Food In Germany: 5 Offbeat Things To Eat In Germany


Germany is a European country full of forests, rivers, and mountain ranges. It is also famous for food. Here is a list of offbeat things to eat in Germany.

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Germany is a European country full of forests, rivers, mountain ranges, and breathtaking beaches. With Berlin as its capital, the country is full of beautiful art decor, rich in history, and is known for its nightlife. Another remarkable thing about Germany is delicious food. Besides the pretzels, wheat beer, Rouladen, Currywurst and more, there are some offbeat dishes that Germany is famous for. Listed below are some of the best offbeat dishes one can find only in Germany:

Weird things to eat in Germany 

1) Beer Cheese Soup

This strange dish is a popular item in Germany. It can be easily found in various cafes and restaurants in Germany. The Germans love beer and love trying new and quirky dishes. This unique dish is prepared using leftover stale beer mixed with some sugar, milk, egg yolk and cinnamon. This dish is best consumed during the winter months. Some hot beer cheese soup must be in your bucket-list when traveling to Germany. One might even get drunk with the amount of beer added to this quirky dish. This dish is one of the best things to eat in Germany.

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2) Dickmilch

This is another weird yet must-try dish when in Germany. This dish is prepared using blue cheese or sour cream. This dish tastes best when mixed with whipped cream. It is a famous dessert consumed by the Germans. Some germans even prefer adding lemon juice or vinegar to this dish to bring out the tartness. This sweet and sour dish should not be missed out on when traveling to Germany. It is one of the best things to eat in Germany.

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3) Handkäse mit musik

This is another popular dish found in abundance in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. This dish is strange and weird due to the usage of Handkäse mit musik which is a regional sour milk cheese with a strong pungent smell. Germans consume this dish wine apple wine.

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