Insta-worthy Photos: Tricks To Do Travel Photography Like A Pro


Insta-worthy photos are tough to click. If you are aspiring to be a travel photographer, here are some tricks to do travel photography like a pro. Read on.

Written By Yash Tripathi | Mumbai | Updated On:
insta-worthy photos

When going on a trave, it becomes very important to get picture shots that are amazing to put on Instagram and other social media sites. A travel photographer has to be careful and aware of its environment as itS tough to find good pictures. However, there are certain things to know before clicking travel pictures to capture the best of the photographs. Here are some tips to do travel photography like a pro.


Travel photography is all about bringing out new ideas and capturing the unexpected. However, it is not about recklessly clicking many pictures. One must take their time to understand their surroundings, study it and adjust with it, only then good pictures can be expected. To get bold and strong photographs, it is advisable that one must focus on one object, person, or situation. PLanning the shot before and waiting for something interesting will help in capturing some great shots.

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Go mobile

It is not necessary to buy heavy cameras and expensive lenses. Nowadays, many smartphones offer great quality of picture capturing ability and there are numerous pic editing apps on Playstore and Appstore. Many smartphones have good optical zooming without losing photo quality. Keep the lens of the smartphone clean.

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Seize the moment

This is one of the most important tricks in travel photography. A travel photographer is always alert for the events to unfold because one might miss out on great things if they are careless. For seizing the moment being ready is the key. Keep the camera ready as it will allow a person to be spontaneous rather than messing up and missing the moment. Hand grips, neck-straps, side slings and belt or bag clips are stuff that helps a person be prepared for everything. Keeping all the required tools is important, especially an extra battery just in case of an emergency.

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Use the light

The seconds right after sunrise and right before sunset are considered to be great for warm, soft and even lighting which can be perfect for landscape and portrait photos. Adapting to the style of the environment enables the photographer to capture great shots. One must always be aware of the limitations of their camera. Experiment on how high the camera can hit the ISO before the image starts to appear too noisy. Try to use natural light when shooting with a mobile as the flashlight on the phone rarely looks good. To use the light more playfully, try out longer shutter speeds with the camera mounted on a tripod to take in more light to capture more creative images with different light forms.

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