IRCTC Tour Packages For When You Want A Vacation From Your Daily Life

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  • IRCTC has an official tourism website.
  • If you want to go on a vacation then check out their packages.
  • We tell you how to navigate the official IRCTC tourism website and what details you can find on a specific tour package.

Have holidays come up? Or are you just bored with the monotonous everyday life? Then it is time for you to plan a vacation. IRCTC has some amazing tourism packages for situations just like this. Here we help you navigate through the IRCTC tourism website so that you can go on a vacation without much hassle-free.

IRCTC Tour Packages For When You Want A Vacation From Your Daily Life

IRCTC Official Tourism Website

If you want to plan your solo or family vacation, IRCTC has an official site for just that purpose. You can go to to book your tickets for the holiday location of your choice. The tourism website not only gives you packages for train journeys but also for flights, cruises and many other options. The first thing you see upon opening the site is the search option, which will help you navigate to your desired destination. The search also differs between domestic and international vacations. So change your option according to your location of choice.

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Below the search are the links for the specific pages of several travel methods, vacation types, and hotel arrangements. In the order of left to right, these include flight, lounge, IRCTC hotels, retiring room, Buddhist train, Bharat Darshan, tourist train, Maharaja’s, majestic train, cruise, train tickets, and heritage train. Below that, you will find the top packages that IRCTC has to offer. The top package image will include the date of the journey, the location, the duration, and the specific package code. Below that, you will find the major tour options, which includes rail tours, domestic air tours, and Bharat darshan tours. IRCTC tourism also has a mobile app, so you can access it anytime and anywhere as long as you have your phone with you.

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Specific package details

Each package has its own detailed page. If you click on any of the packages, a new page will open up for you to know more about the tour. When you open a package page, you will find four subpages up top. From left to right, these four subpages are the overview, itinerary, inclusion, terms and conditions, and the contact details. You will see the overview of the trip first, which gives some basic information about the journey and the flight/train details as well as the cost per person. Next to that is the itinerary which will tell you the plan for each day of the tour. Then, there is an added inclusion that tells you about the different facilities that are included in the package, ex: if food is part of the payment or not. It is recommended that you read the terms and conditions listed on the page before applying for any tour package. Finally, you can see the contact details of the tour planners.

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This is what you will find on the IRCTC website and the general details you can expect to see on a tour package page. So if you want to take a vacation, you now know how to navigate through IRCTC’s official tourism website. IRCTC has many different options. So do not worry, your dream holiday location is very likely included in one of their many packages.

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