Roadtrips: Pros And Cons To Consider Before Your Next Journey


People who do not like public transport and prefer to travel by road should pay attention; here are some pros and cons of road trips that may help you

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When you think of embarking on your next journey, there is no denying that a road trip seems more fun and enjoyable. Let's find out some of the pros and cons of a road trip before you plan your next travel:

Weighing the pros and cons of taking a road trip

1. Flexibility

This is by far one of the biggest pros of travelling by road. You get to control everything from the time of departure, to the route of the journey, and the number of halts you take in between if you spot something interesting along the way. Also, there is no stoppage on who joins you for your next journey; be it your friend or your beloved pet. Car rides may also turn into a fun adventure.

2. Beautiful views

This is another plus of travelling by road. This is because it allows you to get off the same old beaten route and see the real wonders rather than a railway track or a never-ending highway. You can choose your own.

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3. A sudden change of plan

You are not restricted to a pre-planned itinerary. So assuming you don't like a particular place, you are free to just drive away, and linger at places you wish to. You also get to decide where to spend most of your time.

4. You save money

For someone planning a group trip, car travel can be comparatively an economical option compared to an airplane, bus or train tickets. Additionally, you need not worry about paying for luggage. It is also convenient to pack or carry certain equipment and items in your car. 

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While road trips have a lot of benefits, there are also certain cons to this mode of transport.

1. Time Consuming

Travel by road can be very time-consuming. You may find yourself driving for hours, but still not reach your destination; a common reason why most people prefer trains over road travel. Driving is simply not viable for longer distances.

2. More responsibilities

Road trips start from route planning to navigation to vehicle parking which also brings up parking charges. There is a lot more that goes into a road trip as opposed to buying a train or air ticket and reaching straight to your destination.

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3. Involves hidden costs

Finally, the last disadvantage is that your vehicle needs to be ready for the long ride. It may call for additional finances at any time. You may also need to invest in certain gadgets that you may require for longer trips. These may include a GPS device, a device holder, sun visor, etc.

One needs to carefully consider their needs and requirements, and the different modes of transportation options making a final choice.

Some evergreen road trip songs to make the journey fun and enjoyable

  • Life is a Highway by Mad Mad World (1991)
  • Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf (1968)
  • 500 Miles by Sunshine on Leith (1998)
  • Highway to Hell by Brothers and Sisters (1979)

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