Things To Remember And Points To Note While Travelling To North India


If you want to travel to North India like a pro, here are some of the points to note for eliminating stress and frustration. Check them out for safe travel-

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North India

Along with fun in travelling, there are many things that you need to make sure and figure out on your own while travelling. But India is such a place that can disturb your fully prepared plans by its chaotic and overwhelming nature.

An experienced travelling person, who has travelled to the different cities of North India of the country would have noticed that there are some things that should be taken care of.  

So, if you also want to travel the North of the country like a pro, here are some of the points to note for eliminating stress and frustration from travelling.

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Things to remember and points to note while travelling to North India

Be aware of the tipping system

If you are travelling in a rickshaw from one place to another in North India around the city tipping is not expected. But if you are planning to take a hired car to visit some of the specific sites for the day or from the airport, then you should practice small tipping systems, that is recommended. Avoid tipping in coins because some of the Indians might find it offensive when you tip in small coins.

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Always carry cash and small bills

As we know it is said that you can use credit cards everywhere but some of the places in North India still accept only cash. So generally, it is safe to use cash to protect yourself from places where you cannot use credit cards. Also, be aware of some people who are cheaters and protect yourself from credit card fraud in North India.

Don’t freak out if the ATM doesn’t work the first time

So it is an experience that most likely there are some ATM machines that do not work in North India. If it does not work for the first time, don't freak out, just visit a bank and get the solution.

You can also try a different ATM if the first one doesn't work and it is recommended to carry cash rather than ATM cards in North India.

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Cameras come with a fee

This is not applicable to each place in North India but there are some places where you have to pay if you carry on camera. Some places will charge an additional price for bringing your camera inside.

The price can range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 250, ex. in places such as Monkey temple in Jaipur or City Palace in Jaipur. Sometimes even iPhones are charged a minimum price. If you are a strict budget traveller, it is recommended that you leave your camera in your hotel room only.

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