Top Travel Trends In 2020: From 'Carbon Offsetting' To The Widely Popular 'Microcations'


Here are the Top Travel Trends in 2020. With the rising awareness on global warming, travellers are now far more conscious about their impact on the environment

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Top Travel trends in 2020

Every year, new trends come up that overshadow the old ones. Travelling trends are no different, as, with each passing year, new and innovative ways to experience the world are discovered. 2020 has several new and interesting travelling trends that have popped up, many of which mirror the changes in attitude and outlook found in the modern tourist. Here are a few of the top travel trends in 2020. 

Top Travel Trends in 2020

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Carbon offsetting

With the rising awareness about global warming and environmental degradation, many tourists are now trying to keep an eye on their own carbon footprint. Those who are conscious of their impact on the environment have started following new methods to offset their carbon emissions. This awareness has also impacted the travel industry, which has started to introduce new options that allow travellers to be more environment-friendly. This includes travel plans without flights and more nature-driven activities. 


With the busy work-life schedule that most people have nowadays, it is almost impossible to take long vacations. However, the latest travel trend in 2020 are microcations, which are short vacations interspersed between your busy work life. Microcations are tiny vacations that only last for a single weekend. These small vacations are perfect for those with a hectic schedule and for those who cannot afford to take a long vacation. 

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Vegan Hotels

With the rising popularity of veganism, several new hotels have opened up across the globe just to cater to the vegan populace. Vegan Hotels are not just vegan when it comes to food but they are also built and designed without any animal products. Vegan hotels only use plant-based products and do not use any wool, silk or leather, even in their furniture. 

Ancestry travel

Ancestry travel has boomed in popularity as people are travelling the world to find their true roots. As more and more people have started to take DNA tests to discover their ancestry, the drive to find out more about your past has become the latest trend of 2020. The rise is ancestry travel can be directly linked to ancestry DNA tests, as people are trying to find out more about the land from where their ancestors originated from.

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