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NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski Apologizes For Leaked Email To Senator, Twitter Defends Woj

ESPN's senior NBA insider & reporter Adrian Wojnarowski recently apologized to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley after his profane email was exposed by the senator.

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ESPN's senior NBA insider and reporter Adrian Wojnarowski recently apologized to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. Wojnarowski's profane email to the senator was exposed online, following which ESPN released a statement about Wojnarowski's email but remained unclear if the reporter would be disciplined. Hawley was the one to reveal the email where Wojnarowski had used his ESPN account to say “F—- you” to the Republican politician.

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NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski email: The apology after Adrian Wojnarowski and Josh Hawley email reveal

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On Friday, senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver, questioning the league's complicated relationship with China. The NBA's relationship and business with China has always been under scrutiny and has been questioned recently after China's new security law for Hong Kong was passed. In his letter, he also asked Silver to tell them why phrases like “Support Our Troops” and “Back the Blue” were not allowed on their 2020 jerseys.

NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski email exposed by senator Josh Hawley

A few hours later, Hawley tweeted a screenshot on an email he received from Wojnarowski, where he wrote that one must not criticize China to ESPN, as it might make them 'real mad'. Wonjnarowski apologized for his behaviour, stating that he was disrespectful and made a regrettable mistake.” The Wojnarowski apology reached his ESPN colleagues as well, admitting that his "actions were unacceptable". ESPN also responded to Wojnarowski's tweet simultaneously, referring to Wojnarowski's email as 'completely unacceptable'. However, they clarified that “the specifics of those conversations will remain internal.”

NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski email statement by ESPN

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Wojnarowski apology: NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski email receives online support

While Wojnarowski and ESPN released statements, Twitter supported his move and assured the 51-year-old reporter that he did not need to apologize. Minutes after his apology, the words “nah Woj” trended online, as fans spoke up for him. Users called out senator Josh Hawley for his tweets, pointing out the flaws in his letter.

Users supporting Wojnarowski also pointed out that the senator should focus on Missouri and the COVID-19 crisis instead of attacking the NBA, who don't even have a team in the state. While fans supported Wojnarowski, they admitted that using his ESPN email was his only mistake. 

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