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LeBron James' Dishonest Rhetoric To Be Blamed For LA Sheriffs Ambush: Candace Owens

In one of her recent tweets, conservative author and activist Candace Owens called out LA Lakers star LeBron James and blamed him for the recent LA cop ambush.

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This weekend, a video of one man shooting at two officers on a street was shared online. The civilian shot two Compton officers, firing on the passenger side of their car. Both officers – male and female – were left with critical head injuries. After the incident, controversial author Candace Owens took to Twitter to discuss the matter, putting some of the blame on NBA icon legend LeBron James. 

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Candace Owens on LeBron James: Author blames NBA icon for LA sheriffs ambush

Owens' tweet referred to one of James' older tweets about Ahmaud's Arbery's murder. According to Owens, the LA sheriffs ambush is a result of " hyperbolic, dishonest rhetoric", and the Black Lives Matter 'lie' is to blame. The three-time NBA champion is yet to reply to her tweet. 

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One of Donald Trump's supporters, Owens has previously called out LeBron James during a Fox News' Life, Liberty & Levin interview. She spoke about James claiming that he has had a "tough" life as a black man in the USA. According to Owens, he lives in a $100 million mansion in Bel Air, and employees white people to garden, cook and drive for him. "So if that's racism, LeBron, please, please share some of that with the rest of us," Owens wrote. 

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Like Candance Owens, Donald Trump too, has called out LeBron James. In an interview, the US President chose Michael Jordan over James, who he said was too "political". He has also warned the league for becoming a "political organization" by supporting BLM and social justice. According to Trump, the NBA will ruin basketball.

After the players chose to kneel during the national anthem in July, Trump has called the players disrespectful, refusing to watch the games anymore. In a postgame interview, James spoke about Trump's comments, stating that he does not think anyone in the league is bothered by his decison to not watch the NBA. 

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