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Dennis Rodman Hits Back At 'friend' Donald Trump For His 'Make America Great Again' Tweet

Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman was one of the many people who did not agree with Donald Trump's recent comment and called him out through Twitter.

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US President Donald Trump's tweets and statements regarding the George Floyd protests amid his second presidential election campaign have been receiving a lot of criticism from US citizens. Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman was one of the many people who did not agree with Trump. The US President tweeted about 'Make America great again!' on Thursday morning. Rodman replied to his tweet, asking Trump to 'Make America safe for minorities'. Rodman wrote the message in capital letters, justing like Trump did. 

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Dennis Rodman racism comment in reply to Donald Trump's tweet

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Dennis Rodman on Donald Trump

While Rodman has previously stated that he likes Trump, he has been open about not liking him as a President. During a 2019 interview with Sports Illustrated, Dennis Rodman stated that Trump is 'cool' but prefers him as a friend more than someone ruling the country. Rodman added that he can carry a torch with him anytime and would love to 'sit down, chit chat and have a beer' with him. In a similar manner, Rodman had also expressed his admiration for Kim Jong Un, the North Korean 'Supreme Leader'.

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Dennis Rodman asks people to protest peacefully in his latest Instagram video


Please America let’s stop the rioting and all come together as one. Y’all stay safe!! Much ❤️

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Earlier this week, the five-time NBA champion requested everyone watching to protest peacefully. He stated that everyone needs to ask why is everyone looting and stealing, which is only creating more issues and problems. As per Rodman, 'this is a bad, bad situation', but one needs to protest in the right way. Rodman added that one does not need to go and burn something or steal something to protest about something they stand for. 

Rodman was referring to the ongoing protests in the USA over George Floyd's death on May 25. Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer who pressed his knee on Floyd's neck for over eight minutes. He ignored Floyd's struggles about not being able to breathe, only stopping when the struggle ceased. People have been protesting all across the USA for justice.

However, some protests have taken a violent turn as cars were burnt and shops looted in places like New York City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Oakland. In his video, Rodman states that he knows there are multiple issues right now, but everyone can untie and help in this situation. Rodman added that they are human beings and not 'animals'. 

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