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Dennis Rodman Recalls Unusual First Meeting With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un In 2013

During a recent podcast with Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman recalled the time he first met Kim Jong un and how unusual was his meeting with the North Korean leader.

Dennis Rodman

Michael Jordan's documentary The Last Dance brought Dennis Rodman and his notorious career back to the limelight. As impressive as he was on the court for the Bulls, Rodman had an equally storied life outside of the NBA. While Dennis Rodman's fondness for partying and living an eccentric life was well documented in the 10-part docu-series, the former Bulls star was is also known for having acquaintances with famous political figures, most notably, Kim Jong un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

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Dennis Rodman Kim Jong Un friendship: Rodman recalls first meeting

During the Hotboxin’ podcast with boxing legend Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman recalled the time he first met Kim Jong un and how unusual was his meeting with the North Korean leader. As quoted by Sportando, Rodman revealed he first met Kim Jong un in 2013 when he was with the Harlem Globetrotters. Rodman told Tyson that he was playing at that time and hence some people asked him to come with them. 

Rodman further joked about his thoughts before the meeting, thinking he was going to jail for doing something wrong in America. The NBA Hall of Famer said, " I wasn’t playing so some people ask me to come with them. I think I’m going to jail, right. I sai, ‘What the f*** did I do in America?'”

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"I walked up to the stands and sit in front of a desk," Rodman added. "There are all these king-style chairs, like 20 of them. Next thing I know, 22,000 North Koreans all stand up and start clapping. It was loud clapping and they’re cheering and I’m thinking they were doing it for me. So I wave and someone tells me, No, that’s for him’ and points at Kim Jong un. I asked ‘Who is that guy?’ and they told me ‘that’s our leader’, so I asked, ‘leader of what?’"

Dennis Rodman told Mike Tyson that he spent most of the time with Kim Jong un talking about basketball. The North Korean even invited Rodman to dinner for later that night. Rodman said they were drunk for most of the dinner and Kim Jong un even showed his artistic side during a short karaoke session.

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"Next thing I know, we are having dinner and we are drunk as s***, he starts singing karaoke and I have no clue what the f*** he’s talking about. Everyone starts clapping and then he has this 18-piece girl band come out and these girls are hot but they just played one song. Just one f****** song. It was the theme from Dallas." It is widely known that Dennis Rodman remained good friends with the North Korean leader since their unexpected meeting in 2013. Rodman reportedly visited North Korea last in 2018.

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