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Dennis Rodman And Carmen Electra Made Love On Bulls' Practice Court: Report

While talking to the LA Times, Carmen Electra talked about her relationship with Dennis Rodman and recounted an incident of him showing her the Bulls facility.

Dennis Rodman

While Michael Jordan refused to delve into the details of the time when he went to retrieve Dennis Rodman from Las Vegas, Carmen Electra has been sharing what her life with the Chicago Bulls star was like. While talking to the LA Times, the actress added to what she shared in the documentary. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra dated during the NBA star's final year with the Bulls and were married for a brief period of time. 

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Dennis Rodman girlfriends: Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra during the Bulls 1998 season

Electra recounted a story where Dennis Rodman surprised her by bringing her to the Bulls facility. Rodman apparently blindfolded her before they got on his motorcycle. When he took off the blindfold, both Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra were at the Bulls practice facility.

Electra described both of them as 'two kids in a candy store'. They even ate popsicles from the fridge while exploring the entire facility including the physical therapy room, the weight room and the court. 

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Rodman revealed that they met in a night club after someone had taken her coat and hidden it. Rodman approached her first, after which he ignored his calls for a 'long time'. However, she added that their 'romance quickly took off' when she did.

When she started dating the NBA star publically, people warned her about him, but Electra stated that she was in her 20s and wanted to explore. Carmen Electra revealed that she was practically a member of the team as went to all their games and cried when she missed Rodman. Electra added that while they don't talk much nowadays, they share an agent. Recently, Rodman reached out to her and asking to have lunch. Electra described the incident as 'sweet'. 

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Carmen Electra was a part of Michael Jordan's documentary The Last Dance, where she accompanied Rodman on his vacation to Vegas. She added that she was unaware of Rodman's detour and did not know of the team's schedule. As per Electra, it was an 'occupational hazard to be Dennis’ girlfriend'. The both of them partied non-stop and she was with Rodman when Jordan personally travelled to Vegas to retrieve his teammate.

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