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Dennis Rodman's Infamous 1997 Kick To Cameraman Cost Him More Than $1 Million

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman was widely known for his volatile nature during his playing days. The forward kicked a cameraman in the groin in 1997.

Dennis Rodman

Thanks to Michael Jordan's documentary, fans are once again discussing the career of his former Bulls teammate Dennis Rodman. Widely regarded as one of the best rebound players in NBA history, Dennis Rodman's career is also filled with several controversies, be it his eccentric off-court persona to his long list of celebrity girlfriends. With Rodman's NBA career firmly back in the fray, here is his infamous kicking incident where Rodman kicked a cameraman near his groin. What followed was a lawsuit, on off-the-court settlement and series of fines by the NBA.

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Dennis Rodman cameraman incident: Why did Dennis Rodman kick the cameraman?

In January 1997, during a game between Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves, Dennis Rodman tussled with Kevin Garnett for the ball after a missed free throw attempt by the Timberwolves. Rodman somehow lost his balance and fell out of bounds into the media area behind the hoop. While Rodman was busy recollecting himself, cameraman Eugene Amos swiftly turned his camera towards Rodman. This prompted a swift reaction from the forward who kicked Amos near his groin area.

Subsequently, the cameraman was seen in agony as he was stretchered off the court and taken to a nearby hospital. Rodman was not assessed for a technical foul by the referee but what followed surely tarnished his second NBA championship-winning season with the Bulls.

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Dennis Rodman cameraman incident; watch

Dennis Rodman cameraman incident: Suspension and fines followed 

The aftermath of the infamous 'Dennis Rodman cameraman' incident is well-documented as Eugene Amos filed a lawsuit against Rodman for intent to assault. Many experts suggested if found guilty by the court of law, Rodman could be facing charges of fifth-degree assault and possible jail time. However, Rodman and his representatives agreed to an off-the-court settlement with Amos and attorneys. Rodman would end up paying a $200,000 settlement for the cameraman to drop the charges.

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While many fans assumed that would be the end of the infamous incident, NBA soon stepped in and announced an 11-game suspension without pay for Dennis Rodman. The Bulls star was fined $25,000 by the league. Moreover, reports suggested Rodman also had to undergo a counselling session with then-NBA Commissioner David Stern in regards to his volatile outbursts.

All in all, the kicking incident cost Rodman close to $1.1 million and cemented his legacy as one of the most notorious NBA players in history. 

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