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Dodgers Fan Falls Off Car Roof While Celebrating, Called 'dummy Of The Week' By Snoop Dogg

Los Angeles Dodgers fan falls off car roof while celebrating the team's World Series 2020 victory against the Tampa Bay Rays and is immediately knocked out.

Dodgers fan falls off car

Los Angeles Dodgers fans were able to celebrate their team's World Series victory for the first time in over 30 years. Fans took to the streets to celebrate the victory, enjoying their time as a parade will be postponed during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one fan was injured and knocked unconscious during celebrations. A video shared featured the fan at the top of a car, falling off as it moves and immediately being knocked unconscious. 

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Snoop Dogg Instagram: Rapper shares video as Dodgers fan falls off car during World Series 2020 celebrations


Dummy of tha week DRIVE BY EDITION 💨💨💨 🚗

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While Twitter users discussed the incident, Snoop Dogg also shared a video of the event on his Instagram handle. "Dummy of tha week DRIVE BY EDITION," wrote the 49-year-old musician. The video starts with the fan enjoying on the top of the car with another person standing through the sunroof. However, as the car moved, the fan lost her balance and fell on the road. She appeared to have passed out promptly due to the impact. The car was stopped immediately, while people around the street rushed to check on her. 

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Fans react to a female fan falling off a car's roof during her Dodgers celebrations

Reactions on Twitter were a mix of humour and concern for the fan. "Now she is not going to have any memory of the series," one fan wrote, while another wondered if the video should be deleted. "It's not like how it seems in the movies," another fan wrote, adding that it can be actually tough to recover in real life. Some viewers also called the fan out for being irresponsible, stating that she should have at least held on to something. 

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Will there be a Dodgers parade to celebrate first World Series win since 1988?

This week, the Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays in six games to clinch the World Series 2020 title. However, fans and the team will have to wait till it is safe to celebrate the victory together. "This season was everything we believed it could be," the Dodgers said in their statement. "It was just missing one thing: The best fans in baseball".

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