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Is Stephen Jackson Related To George Floyd? Ex-NBA Star Leads Protests For 'twin' Brother

Is Stephen Jackson related to George Floyd? Former NBA star Stephen Jackson has so far led the protests in Minneapolis against the death of his good friend.

is stephen jackson related to george floyd

Former NBA champion Stephen Jackson has become the key vocal figure in leading the protests against the brutal killing of George Floyd. Jackson, who refers to George Floyd as his 'twin brother', says he would absolutely everything in his power to bring justice to Floyd and his family. As a result, many have wondered - 'Is Stephen Jackson related to George Floyd?' or it is just that the former San Antonio Spurs star is simply fulfilling his duty towards his fellow Texan.


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Is Stephen Jackson related to George Floyd? Stephen Jackson and George Floyd

To clear the confusion over the 'Is Stephen Jackson related to George Floyd?" query, Jackson is a known longtime friend of George Floyd. Stephen Jackson is from Port Arthur while Floyd is native of Houston. As per reports, George Floyd, who used to play football (American football) in high school, is a good friend of Stephen Jackson. They met each other in Houston through a mutual friend and have been close friends ever since. 


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Is Stephen Jackson related to George Floyd? Jackson referring to Floyd as his twin brother

Fans were confused into thinking Jackson was indeed related to Floyd after the former NBA star repeatedly referred to Floyd as his 'twin' brother. As per reports, Jackson identified George Floyd as his 'twin' due to their facial resemblance. However, it is said that Jackson is apparently an extremely close friend of Floyd, especially considering he has been in Minneapolis for the past 10 days, leading peaceful marches and as well taking care of Floyd's family.

Stephen Jackson and George Floyd: Jackson's strong message against the unjust murder of his friend

George Floyd's death is another prime example of racial injustice and police brutality after the 46-year-old was strangled for several minutes by Derek Chauvin that lead to his death. The video of the incident went viral on social media which showed Derek Chauvin pressing his knee against Floyd's neck. Floyd was heard repeatedly yelling, "I can't breathe," as he slowly turned motionless. Chauvin and the three police officers were released by the Minneapolis PD and Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder.

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As mentioned, over past few days, Stephen Jackson has led several rallies in Minneapolis against the brutal actions of the police officer. Last week, Stephen Jackson spoke at a rally in Minneapolis where he said: "I'm here because they're not gonna demean the character of George Floyd, my twin. A lot of times, when police do things they know that's wrong, the first thing they try to do is cover it up, and bring up their background to make it seem like the bull**** that they did was worthy. When was murder ever worthy? But if it's a black man, it's approved." The rally which was held at the Minneapolis City Hall Rotunda was also attended by actor Jamie Foxx and current NBA stars Karl-Anthony Towns and Josh Okogie.

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George Floyd brother

While Stephen Jackson is not related to George Floyd, Floyd's two brothers - Terrence and Philonese - have also been vocal about Floyd's murder. With the United States currently reeling in chaos, Terrence Floyd recently took part in an interview where he said the 'destruction is not going to bring my brother back at all'. Philonese Floyd had a similar message: "I'm tired of seeing black people dying," as quoted by The Guardian.

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