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Isiah Thomas Calls Out Michael Jordan, Horace Grant With 'Pistons Have Moved On' Claim

Isiah Thomas recently appeared on ESPN's Jalen & Jacoby, where he discussed Horace Grant and Michael Jordan's comments about the 1980s Detroit Pistons.

Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas and the 80s 'Bad Boy' Pistons were featured on Michael Jordan's documentary The Last Dance. The documentary highlighted the defensive play the Pistons used against the Bulls, preventing them from reaching the finals for three straight years. In the documentary, Michael Jordan and Horace Grant spoke about the Pistons. Jordan even stated that even today, he hates Isiah Thomas and the Pistons. 

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Isiah Thomas says the Pistons have no grudges against Michael Jordan and Horace Grant

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Isiah Thomas recently appeared on ESPN's Jalen & Jacoby, where he discussed Grant and Jordan's comments about the Pistons. While Isiah Thomas stated that the Pistons no longer hold any grudges, he called out Jordan for not revealing this whenever they have met. According to Thomas, whenever he has seen any of them personally, he never got any kind of reactions from Horace Grant or Michael Jordan.

He added that they were always pleasant and hence did not give him an honest reaction. Thomas stated that it is easier to talk on TV and radio but not face-to-face. 

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Isiah Thomas also defended his team, saying that they are over the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals. He said that the Pistons aren't 'walking around holding grudges'. As per Thomas, they lost and left the court and have not talked about the Bulls ever since. In another interview, Thomas revealed that he was surprised by Jordan's comments in the documentary.

Isiah Thomas talked about meeting Jordan over a dinner, where the NBA legend was 'pleasant' and always good to his kids. He even recalled a time where Jordan gave his son a pair of gym shoes.

As per Thomas, he believed that all the competition they had was truly on the floor as the six-time NBA champion had never been unkind to him. Bill Laimbeer had also commented on the issue, calling Jordan and Bulls 'whiners'. He added that the Bulls kept on calling them 'bad people' for a year, while their team was only about winning. 

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