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Michael Jordan Gifted Scottie Pippen Golf Clubs So He Could Take All His Money

During the second episode of Michael Jordan's documentary The Last Dance, Scottie Pippen shared a story about a veteran Jordan gifting rookie Pippen golf clubs.

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The first two episodes of Michael Jordan's ten-part docu-series The Last Dance focused on the Chicago Bulls' 1997-98 season and were released this Sunday (Monday IST). While the first episode covered GM Jerry Krause and his impact on the team, the second episode revolved around Scottie Pippen's contract with the Bulls. The Scottie Pippen golf clubs story where Jordan bought Pippen golf clubs was shared by Pippen himself. 

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Scottie Pippen golf clubs: What is the story behind Michael Jordan gifting Scottie Pippen golf clubs?

Pippen, who was drafted by the Bulls in 1987, recalled a story of meeting Michael Jordan as a rookie. At the time, Jordan had played in the league for only a few years and was yet to win a title. While describing their meeting, Pippen described Michael Jordan as a sports superstar like no other.

According to Pippen, Jordan was unlike any other superstar the sports world has seen. Pippen referred to Jordan as "different", saying that he was not the 'average guy' you can get lunch with. Pippen then mentioned the gloves Jordan gifted him. Someone off-camera stated that it was a good thing to do, but Pippen laughed before saying that Jordan was probably only trying to lure him in and take all his money. Pippen did not elaborate further, and the documentary moved to Pippen's contract. 

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In the episode, Pippen was seen making the decision to sign the contract with Bulls only to make sure he could feed his family. If he risked himself, he felt his NBA career would be cut short. By the 1997-98 season, Pippen was clear about his issues with GM Jerry Krause. He admitted delaying his foot surgery till it was close to the season as he did not want to spoil his summer, indicating that contract problems were a part of the reason.

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