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When Michael Jordan's Salary Outweighed The Entire Chicago Bulls Team COMBINED

Michael Jordan salary: Here's a detailed breakdown of how much Michael Jordan earned while playing for Bulls as compared to other members in his squad.

Michael Jordan salary

The new Michael Jordan Documentary The Last Dance has talked about Michael Jordans' rise to fame as one of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA. The iconic NBA star won six championships with the Bulls and was awarded the NBA finals MVP on all six occasions. Undoubtedly, Michael Jordan was one of the hottest properties in the NBA during his playing days and was paid a lot too by Jerry Reinsdorf and the Chicago Bulls management. Here is a detailed Michael Jordan salary history as compared to other players from the Chicago Bulls franchise.

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How Michael Jordan salary outweighed entire Chicago Bulls team COMBINED

Chicago Bulls salaries

Chicago Bulls player Salary
Michael Jordan $33,140,000
Toni Kuko $4,560,000
Ron Harper $4,560,000
Dennis Rodman $4,500,000
Luc Longley $3,184,900
Scottie Pippen $2,775,000
Bill Wennington $1,800,000
Scott Burell $1,430,000
Randy Brown $1,260,000
Robert Parish $1,150,000
Jason Caffey $850,920

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As per recent reports, Michael Jordan earned a stunning $33,140,000 in his final season with the Chicago Bulls. The same report further adds that the entire salary of the Chicago Bulls 15-man roster in their final championship season was at $61,330,670. If we take out Michael Jordan salary, that leaves only $28,190,670, which was spent on the remaining 14 players on the squad. One of the players who was severely underpaid was NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, who left the Bulls for Houston Rockets at the end of his contract.

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