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NBA Schedule 2020: Complete Seeding Games Details For Disney World And TV Schedule

NBA schedule 2020: On Friday (Saturday), the NBA and National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) released the complete NBA 2020 restart seeding schedule.

nba schedule 2020

On Friday (Saturday IST), the NBA released a complete schedule for the upcoming NBA restart at the Walt Disney World in Orlando. The NBA schedule release also includes the complete NBA TV schedule for TNT, ESPN, ABC and NBA TV. This NBA schedule 2020 is for the NBA seeding 2020 games, which will last from July 30 to August 14.

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NBA schedule release: NBA TV schedule and seeding details

All 22 teams travelling to play at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida will be playing eight seeding games to kick-off the NBA schedule 2020. The NBA schedule release also includes team-by-team NBA seeding games 2020 schedule. The season will resume from Thursday, July 30 (Friday, July 31 IST), where Utah Jazz will play New Orleans Pelicans 6:30 PM EST (4:00 AM IST) and the Los Angeles Clippers will play the Los Angeles Lakers 9:00 PM EST (6:30 AM IST) on TNT.

Games on ESPN will start a two games being broadcast on Friday, July 31 EST (Saturday, August 1 IST) and four games being played on Saturday, August 1 EST (Sunday, August 2 IST). The Boston Celtics will play the currently top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks for Friday's first game and the Houston Rockets will face the Dallas Mavericks for the second one. ABC's first two games will be broadcast on Sunday, while NBA TV will start with a Memphis Grizzlies and Portland Trail Blazers matchup on July 31.

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NBA schedule release: The complete NBA schedule 2020 from July 30

As per the NBA's statement, the NBA seeding 2020 games will have a maximum of seven seven seeding games per day at the three venues available at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The teams will be given a home venue for four seeding games and will be the visiting team in the remaining four games. The tip-off time for the team's final NBA seeding 2020 game will be announced later as the league wants to provide the national audience with 'the most compelling matchups'. The NBA also stated that they and their 'broadcast and technology partners are collaborating to enhance game telecasts and bring fans an immersive, interactive viewing experience'.

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The statement explained that the 88 seeding games, which were chosen from the reaming 259 regular-season games, will definitely count for the final NBA 2019-20 regular-season standings and stats. The seeding games were scheduled chronologically starting from March 11, except for the following situations: 

  • The game was played with a non-participating team
  • The game resulted in either of the two teams exceeding eight games
  • The game stopped any team from having eight feasible games

The NBA also considered matchup balancing while selecting the games. The Athletic and The Stadium's Shams Charania reported that the games will range from noon to 9:00 PM EST. He also revealed that out of the three venues, two are set up for nationally televised games.

The NBA schedule 2020 seeding games will end on August 14. If a play-in tournament is required to decide the eight playoff team, it will be scheduled on August 15 and 16. As per the NBA schedule 2020, the playoffs will start from August 17.

While the NBA and National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) are geared up for the restart, people are still expressing concern over the COVID-19 cases after the NBA schedule release. However, NBA commissioner spoke to the New York Times about the issue. Silver stated that the virus cannot be outrun and is something that everyone has to live with for the 'foreseeable future', which is why they have designed the campus the way they have. 

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