Vivek Ranadive Installs Hoops Outside Sacramento Kings Locker Room For Free-throw Practice

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Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive has come up with another ingenious idea for the Kings. Ranadive installed hoops outside the locker room for FT practice.

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Vivek Ranadive

The Sacramento Kings haven't made the NBA Playoffs since 2006. This fact seems to be bearing heavy on the shoulders of the owner of the Sacramento Kings, Vivek Ranadive. According to reports, Vivek Ranadive had hoops installed outside the Kings' locker room so that the players could practice free-throws during the games.

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NBA: Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive's 'ingenious' idea

According to Sports Illustrated, Vivek Ranadive proposed that installing a hoop outside the locker room could go a long way in solving the Sacramento Kings' free-throw-scoring woes. That way, during games, the players could run back and practice foul shots. However, that wasn't the only 'brilliant' idea conceived by the Sacramento Kings owner. Vivek Ranadive also wanted the Kings to go with a four-on-five defensive tactic to leave a cherry-picker on offence. 

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While Vivek Ranadive's idea of installing hoops outside the locker room may not have been the Sacramento Kings owner's worst idea, it does seem farfetched to believe that practising free-throws could solve the Sacramento's scoring woes. If a stoppage occurs just before a player shoots a free throw, one could argue that the player could benefit from using the break to build a rhythm from the line. With NBA coaches resorting to calling timeouts between free-throws, this could potentially be a useful tactic.

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Whether the benefits that come from running back and forth to and from the locker room outweigh the practice gained from the hoop outside the locker room is still up for debate. Adversely, it could also affect the rhythm of the players. Another point to note is the uncertainty surrounding the timeline of a foul drawn in the game. There is no surety that a player would draw a foul near after practising free throws by the locker room. 

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