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What Happened To Michael Jordan's Eyes? Does He Have Liver Disease Or Alcohol Addiction?

Michael Jordan's documentary aired on Sunday. However, fans are again wondering about the Michael Jordan yellow eyes and the exact story behind it.

what happened to michael jordans eyes

Michael Jordan's much-anticipated documentary, The Last Dance, finally aired on Sunday. The first two episodes of his 10-part docu-series premiered on Sunday, April 19, and is set be aired in the subsequent four weeks. The documentary featured several aspects of his NBA career  from the 1984 NBA Draft to his relationship with Steve Kerr. However, the release of the two episodes also brought back the age-old queries about Jordan's eyes and his health. 

NBA fans have once again flocked to social media asking, 'What happened to Michael Jordan's eyes?' and 'Did he suffer from Jaundice or liver disease?' Busting the myth about 'Michael Jordan jaundice' or 'Michael Jordan liver disease', the rumours are untrue. Michael Jordan has never confirmed any of the reports and till date, it is reported Jordan remains in good health. So where did the 'Michael Jordan jaundice' rumours come from?

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What happened to Michael Jordan's eyes? Michael Jordan yellow eyes rumours

The rumour mill back in the late-2000s and early-2010s dominated reports of Jordan's health. Most of the rumours stemmed from Michael Jordan's eyes appearing yellow in the pictures. Many hardcore supporters of Michael Jordan tried to speculate as to what happened to Michael Jordan's eyes and unsurprisingly, most predicted medical issues. Hence, the rumours of jaundice and liver disease came into the limelight.

According to medical journals, yellow eyes are considered a symptom for jaundice infection, which occurs due to oxygen-carrying components in a patient's blood breaking down into bilirubin. This yellow compound makes the eyes look yellow. As mentioned above, Jordan never confirmed those rumours.

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What happened to Michael Jordan's eyes? Michael Jordan liver disease

Another common speculation among fans was if the NBA legend was suffering from a liver disease, which made his eyes appear yellow. While yellow eyes are mostly associated with jaundice, the aforementioned compound, bilirubin, travels trough the gallbladder and liver before being excreted out of the body. However, if a person's liver malfunctions, the compound remains in the body, leading to yellow eyes. 

Once again, Michael Jordan never confirmed any of those rumours and no report indicated Jordan suffered from a liver disease.

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What happened to Michael Jordan's eyes? Is Michael Jordan an alcoholic?

Another section of fans speculated the reason behind 'Michael Jordan yellow eyes' is Jordan's struggles with alcohol addiction. In the past, several reports have indicated Jordan struggled with various drug and alcohol addictions. Jordan's flamboyant lifestyle has been up for debate for several years now. However, so far none have linked him to having yellow eyes.

On the contrary, it could be highly possible that Michael Jordan's yellow eyes are just due to a genetic condition. For the coming weeks, however, it will be once again speculated by fans.

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