Sangakkara Wants Pant To 'strategize & Plan' To Improve His Game

Former Sri Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara had some tips for young Rishabh Pant and he shared them to the host broadcasters after the second T20 concluded

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India's first-choice wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant had yet another bad day on the field against Bangladesh in the second T20 as he committed some schoolboy errors, drawing flak from the fans and critics yet again. The young swashbuckling talent has been under criticism for throwing away countless opportunities and not implementing proper technique - both in terms of keeping and batting. While former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist had recently advised Rishabh Pant to not try to fill MS Dhoni's shoes, another former keeper had a piece of advice for Rishabh Pant, in order to bring him back into form. Former Sri Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara had some tips for young Rishabh Pant and he shared them to the host broadcasters after the second T20 concluded. 

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Sangakkara's piece of advice for Rishabh Pant

The former Sri Lankan skipper said that it was essential for Rishabh Pant to strategize and plan on the areas that he is vulnerable at. Sangakkara said that Rishabh Pant's information from behind the stumps would be very crucial to the captain when it comes to making a review at the World Cup and said that Rishabh Pant should also work on his technique behind the stumps in order to keep it neat and tidy. Sangakkara believes that Rishabh Pant needs to keep his nerves and that someone must talk to him about his batting and keep the pressure off the young batsman. 

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Sourav Ganguly backs Pant

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly on Friday firmly backed the struggling Rishabh Pant, calling the wicketkeeper-batsman a "superb player" who will mature slowly and do just fine. The 21-year-old is enduring a woeful run of form in the ongoing T20 International series against Bangladesh and has struggled to make an impact both with the bat and behind the stumps. But Ganguly supported him.

"He's a superb player. Give Rishabh Pant time, he will be fine," the former India captain told PTI when asked if India is missing Mahendra Singh Dhoni's safe hands behind the wickets. "He will mature slowly, you have to give him time. India played really well last night."

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Rishabh Pant's glaring error gives Liton Das a reprieve

On the third ball of Yuzvendra Chahal’s first over, Liton Das charged down the track in an attempt to hit a big one. He was deceived by the turn on the leg break, giving Pant an easy chance to stump Liton Das. In his excitement, Pant collected the ball marginally ahead of the stumps, resulting in the batsman adjudged not-out and it was called a no-ball. According to MCC Laws, the wicketkeeper shall remain wholly behind the wicket at the striker’s end from the moment the ball comes into play until a ball delivered by the bowler touches the bat of the striker or passes the wicket at the striker’s end or the striker attempts a run. In the event of the wicketkeeper contravening this law, the umpire at the striker’s end shall call and signal a no-ball as soon as applicable after the delivery of the ball.

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