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Gareth Bale RETIRED 2 Years Ago: Cascarino Has His Say On Tottenham Star

In a recent interview, former football player Tony Cascarino criticised Gareth Bale's poor form and cited his lack of fire in the belly as the reason.

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Gareth Bale's recent form has prompted former Irish striker Tony Cascarino to criticise the Welshman. Cascarino said that "Gareth had retired two years ago, as in the way he'd been playing." These comments come across after Bale's agent Jonathan Barnett said that the Ral Madrid loanee is nearing "towards the end of his career" following his move to Tottenham. Cascarino believes that Bale needs to find the motivation again if he is to relive his glory days of Real Madrid.

After winning everything there is to win at Real Madrid, many viewed Bale as one of the greatest players in the world. When Bale's dream move back to Tottenham on a loan deal was announced, many Spurs fans were ecstatic and believed that the Welshman could lead Spurs higher in the Premier League standings. Sadly for Tottenham fans, Bale's move has been nothing short of a failure, having started only two Premier League games this season.

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Tony Cascarino slams Jonathan Barnett's defence of Gareth Bale

Despite widespread criticism of Bale's recent form, Jonathan Barnett defended his client during the week, citing how well Bale has done financially. "When they say what’s happened to him he’s won more trophies abroad than any player in British history. He’s done very well financially, he has money for the rest of his life," Barnett said at the Financial Times Business of Football event.

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Tony Cascarino was unhappy with Barnett's comments and immediately slammed the agent for highlighting how well Bale has done financially. "His agent was talking about how much money he’s made, and fair play you’ve made a lot of money, but that doesn’t sit well in a dressing room. The other players will be thinking, ‘We want to win things, we want to challenge and we need you to be the Gareth Bale who won the Champions League for Real Madrid three years ago," explained the TalkSPORT host.

Cascarino added, "Gareth had retired two years ago, as in the way he’d been playing." Looking at Bale's stats this season, one will tend to agree with Cascarino's criticisms. In 18 appearances for Tottenham in all competitions this season, Bale has scored only 5 goals and chipped in 2 assists. If Bale is to justify his contract, Spurs will need much more from the Welshman this season and Cascarino believes that Bale could still save this term only if he still had the fire in his belly.

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Cascarino Suggests Bale to follow Tiger Woods to justify his contract

Despite Cascarino's criticism of Bale's lack of form, he acknowledged the Welshman's abilities and past successes. Cascarino said that everyone is aware of how good Bale is and that he has shown glimpses of it. However, what he is missing is the drive in his belly, and to get that back he could be motivated by the likes of Tiger Woods.

"Tiger Woods, what was his biggest desire to come back? He’d made loads of money, but he wanted to play golf, he loved his sport and he wanted to be back on the winning circle," Cascarino added. That's exactly what Bale needs to find to help Tottenham move higher in the Premier League standings.

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