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Tottenham And Chelsea Have Received £521m & £433m In Last 5 Years, Maximum Funding In EPL

Popular Twitter account Swiss Ramble explained how Premier League finances work for clubs, shedding light on the role of Premier League owners as well.


After Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s recent comments regarding transfer spending and Premier League club funding, the attention has once again shifted towards how top-flight clubs manage their finances. While speaking to the media about the club’s lack of transfer activity in a BBC interview, Klopp claimed that Liverpool can’t be run like other clubs who are owned by ‘countries’ and ‘oligarchs’. Now popular Twitter account Swiss Ramble, which is famous for its insights on the business of football has broken down Premier League finances by explaining how each club functions when it comes to finances. The account also claimed that London clubs Tottenham and Chelsea have received the maximum amount of funding over the past five years (2014-2019).

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Premier League finances explained

The thread begins with discussing how Premier League clubs manage their finances. While the majority of the funds are secured through gate receipts, TV deals, prize money et al, clubs also get additional financing from Premier League owners or banks. The thread by Swiss Ramble covered the Premier League finances of 20 clubs in the league over the past five years. The data collected by Swiss Ramble showed that Premier League owners have pumped in £1,569 million into their clubs when it came to net financing, with a further £366m sourced as loans from banks.

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Chelsea and Tottenham received the highest funding

As far Premier League club funding is concerned, it was Chelsea and Tottenham which received the maximum funding. Tottenham received £521 million while Chelsea received £433 million during the five-year period. Other clubs that received funding upwards of £200 million include Everton and Aston Villa. While Chelsea and Tottenham were the top gainers, clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal actually showed cash outflows of £169 million and £101 million during the same period. 

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Seven Premier League owners have given more than £100 million to their clubs

The thread by Swiss Ramble also made an interesting comparison regarding the relationship between Premier League finances and Premier League owners. Notably, more than seven Premier League clubs have received upwards of £100 million from their owners over the past five years. The list was topped by Chelsea, who received £440 million. On the other end of the spectrum, clubs like Manchester United ended up paying £89 million to their owners. Tottenham however, relied largely on external financing when it came to funding requirements. Spurs took out huge loans to fund the construction of their new stadium, with the amount totalling a massive £561 million.

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Other Premier League spending patterns revealed

Apart from the above disclosures, the Swiss Ramble Twitter thread also mentioned several other interesting patterns. When it came to getting loans from Premier League owners, Chelsea, Everton and Fulham topped the list. Additionally, in the past five years, only Manchester United and West Brom have made dividend payments to its owners. The thread also took a look at the finances of each club individually, intending to make users more aware of how Premier League finances function.

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