NBA: Pau Gasol Thinks Modern-day NBA 'has Lost The Beauty Of The Game'

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Portland Trail Blazers Pau Gasol recently admitted to thinking that NBA has lost its initial beauty. The Spanish player is currently recovering from an injury.

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Spanish basketballer Pau Gasol recently told a Spanish newspaper that NBA has lost its beauty. Portland Trail Blazers' Gasol is currently on the bench due to his injured foot. Gasol, who is 39-year-old, is aware that he is approaching the twilight days of his NBA career. While speaking to the newspaper, Gasol said that he feels basketball has changed significantly since the time he started playing. 


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NBA 2019-20 news: Pau Gasol thinks NBA has lost its beauty

Gasol thinks that the NBA now lacks the beauty it once possessed. He also mentions that the game itself is a big change for him. Gasol thinks there are faster shots, shorter possessions and fewer passes in each attack. He talks about his younger days, where some shots that are played now would have sent the player back to the bench. Gasol also talks about the NBA losing its purity. He believes that techniques and gameplay have changed over the years and a lot of things are done differently. 

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However, Gasol also wants to keep on playing and fighting. With whatever time he has left, he wants to give the new theories a shot. According to Gasol, the NBA, along with the world, is evolving.

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Gasol joined NBA in 2001 when passes were more often and players like Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan were being talked about. However, Gasol is not the only one who has made these observations. Many players who have grown with the game, feel the same way. 

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