UFC Faces Eminem Curse; Fan Creates Compelling Theory To Prove It

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UFC News: There is an interesting theory in MMA — The Eminem Curse; a fan study claims that MMA fighters who walk out to Eminem songs tend to lose their fights

Written By Danish Ansari | Mumbai | Updated On:

MMA fighters, who often use music by Eminem for walkouts, are supposedly destined to lose their fights. An MMA fan has decided to put together a record of all the fighters who walked out to Eminem songs and lost their bouts. This was an attempt to prove that the Eminem curse is real in MMA. The spreadsheet has a total of 188 entries recorded till date and it keeps an account of all the fighters who have used Eminem’s music.

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The Eminem curse - A myth or a superstition?

It is a detailed excel sheet that was created some years ago with the first entry being that of the 2005 clash between Tito Ortiz and Vitor Belfort at UFC 51. The former scored a victory after walking out to Mosh by Eminem. The latest entry is that of UFC FN 164 where Andre Muniz walked out to Lose Yourself by Eminem and defeated Antonio Arroyo. The data features some of the most notable names which involve the likes of Nate Diaz, Francis Ngannou, Jeremy Stephens, and Anthony Pettis amongst many others.

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The Eminem curse runs wild on UFC fighters

The sheet has been created by a fan named Jei who has explained the Eminem MMA curse in great detail on his forum. According to the data, the fighters who have used Eminem songs have won only 45% of their fights. That's less than half their fights! It seems like the Real Slim Shady has been unlucky and put down a lot of good fighters over the years who decided to walk out to his music.

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While it may just happen to be a superstition, it does seem to hold some truth (unfortunately for Eminem and the fighters). 

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