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Who Is Chad Wheeler's Girlfriend Alleah? NFL Player Arrested Over Alleged Domestic Abuse

The Chad Wheeler domestic abuse news has gone viral as the Seattle Seahawks player has been arrested for allegedly beating up and leaving his girlfriend to die.

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Former Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler was arrested after suspicions of domestic violence assault. As per reports, he choked his girlfriend, dislocated her arm and even smashed her face. She apparently refused to bow to him, eliciting his violent reaction. He was released after making his first court appearance, being charged with first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence-related unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest.

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Who is Chad Wheeler girlfriend? 

Due to the sensitivity of the case along with various other privacy implications, only the first name on his girlfriend – Alleah – has been revealed. As per various reports, Alleah and Chad Wheeler were in a dispute after he asked her to bow down, though it is unclear if she agreed. Alleah apparently sent out messages after the incident, which described the assault. 

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Chad Wheeler domestic abuse case details: Why was Chad Wheeler arrested?

“He thought I was dead on my bed and continued to eat dinner," Alleah apparently wrote, adding that she later ran to the bathroom, where Wheeler was surprised that she was still alive, going back to drink his smoothie. The incident occurred in Kent, Washington, after which she was found by the police locked in the bathroom. Alleah had called 911, explaining that she was being 'killed'. 

Reports added that Wheeler was also on bipolar medication – which he stopped taking. Emmanuel Acholater shared photos on Twitter, which featured a woman with a face covered in bruises. The former NFL linebacker claimed that she was Wheeler's girlfriend. “If you’re not outraged, you’re part of the problem. @NFL handle this swiftly & decisively," Echo tweeted. 

The former Seahawks star was arrested on January 26, and was released after posting a $400,000 bond. His next court hearing is on February 9, 9:00 AM EST. After the arrest, he was released by the Seahawks – who announced he is now a free agent. 

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Is there a public Alleah Instagram?

As of now, Alleah's private IG account has not been revealed. 

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