WWE SmackDown: From Kurt Angle-Shane McMahon Feud To Stone Cold Threat

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WWE SmackDown is one of the most viewed and popular sports entertainment programs. SmackDown has successfully completed 27 years. Know more about SmackDown

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WWE SmackDown got aired in 1999 and six years later Raw got its first telecast. Raw was already a super phenomenon and SmackDown emerged to extend the storylines for PPV events but gradually WWE SmackDown became a popular entity itself and got its own storylines. At a certain point, Raw and SmackDown – both the events under WWE – started giving competition to each other. SmackDown has had some great moments that stunned every WWE fan.

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WWE is not a martial art, not boxing, it's not judo. It is pure entertainment, drama and everything that make their fans love the show. WWE has openly revealed that it is staged and people still love to watch their favourite WWE. The fans often get what they want and often they don’t but at the end, WWE is all about unexpected elements. In terms of fanbase and commercial success, WWE is still way ahead than MMA organisations like UFC, Bellator MMA, One Championship and contemporaries like AEW or Impact Wrestling.

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Best WWE SmackDown Kayfabe incidents

Raw invades SmackDown

Kurt Angle, the former General Manager of Raw, decided to invade SmackDown with his entire roster due to his personal clash with the former General Manager of SmackDown Shane McMahon. Though a staged depiction, it was one of those SmackDown episodes with massive viewership. Shane had his roster but the total chaos made WWE fans split into two groups - the reds and the blues. SmackDown blues successfully made Raw invaders leave the building making it a proud moment for the franchise.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger sipping beer with Stone Cold

If we go back to the days of Attitude Era, Stone Cold was a threat to other WWE wrestlers while Arnold was a threat to bodybuilders. Arnold embraced the WWE SmackDown and WWE fans had the chance to see him live in action. The Terminator star beat Triple H while he was doing commentary and then went inside the ring. Arnold then went on to share beer with Stone Cold, making it an iconic day for SmackDown.

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Edge and Vicky Marriage

Apart from inside the ring, WWE has always been keen towards drama outside the ring too. The veteran superstar Edge made his relationship official with Vicky Guererro in 2008. The duo made the announcement in a grand fashion and the audience had a bad reaction towards Edge. However, Triple H stepped in and disclosed Edge’s affair with Alicia Fox.

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